Saturday, November 6, 2010

Compilation Teaser: Timing is Everything

Timing is Everything
by: Virginia May

Edward said a silent prayer on the way to the elevators that would take him to the maternity ward. Rosalie had been taken to a special part of the floor for ante-partum care. He’d been told that meant it was for women with high risk pregnancies.

Several minutes later, when the doors to the elevator parted, Edward practically sprinted onto the seventh floor. He quickly spotted the signs pointing towards the ante-partum care unit and moved in that direction. The horrified expression of a father and small child passing him in the hallway alerted him to the fact that he would need to change his clothing.

He had forgotten about the blood. There was a dark streak running from his right hip down his pant leg, and the fabric over his right knee and shin were stained from where he’d knelt down to pick-up Rosalie and carry her to the car. Edward looked around for a restroom in order to clean up a bit but instead came to the double doors of the wing he was looking for. After showing his visitor’s badge to a security camera, the doors swung open and he made his way down the eerily quiet hallway.

He had hoped to find someone to tell him which room Rosalie was in. He’d even hoped that they might be willing to provide him some scrubs to change out of his own blood-stained clothing. Never in a million years, however, had Edward hoped to be greeted by the sight he beheld when he arrived at the nurses’ station. In his weary emotional state, he thought for a moment that he was hallucinating.


A startled pair of dark brown eyes darted up to meet Edward’s probing gaze. A little ‘V’ appeared over the bridge of the young woman’s nose and he knew he hadn’t been mistaken or delirious. His body almost hummed in recognition of her presence.

The one that got away...

A moment earlier, Bella had jumped at the sound of her name coming from a masculine voice that seemed to surround her entirely. When she looked up, she was puzzled by what, or rather who, she saw standing in front of her.

The one that she couldn’t forget...

“Edward Cullen?” she asked, disbelieving.

“Hello, Bella.”

* * *

Virginia May has generously submitted the rest of this oneshot to the Fandom for Preemies Compilation. You can read it and so many more like it, by donating a minimum of $5 to the March of Dimes during the month of November. For more details on how to donate please click here! You may learn more about Virginia May and her fanfiction by clicking here.

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