Thursday, October 28, 2010

Compilation Teaser: Sugar Daddy

Sugar Daddy
by: KlrTwiLuver

“I was hoping that we could finalize the head count today. I need to tell the catering manager the final numbers. Any new RSVP’s?” I asked as Bree started looking over her paperwork.

“Only one new card has come in since Monday. He must be a relative of Carlisle’s.” Bree paused as she retrieved the card from her pile of papers. “His name is Edward. Edward Cullen. Does that ring a bell? I noticed that his return address is from Chicago.”

“That’s Carlisle’s nephew and probably the only family member he’ll have at the wedding. It’s being boycotted, for lack of a better term.” I rolled my eyes as I thought about the many arguments that Carlisle had had with his daughters, Alice and Rosalie, about our wedding. It’d been a constant raging battle with them. No matter what he’d said to them, they’d refused to listen.

Bree rubbed my shoulder trying to comfort me, but I really didn’t care that no one was coming from his family. I had nothing to feel guilty about. Rose and Alice would probably just make a big spectacle if they attended, anyway. In the end, it would be a happier day with no undercurrents of strife and hatred coming from the pews if they weren’t there.

“Bella, at least his nephew will be there. Are they close?”

“Not really. I imagine that Edward is coming more out of a sense of obligation. Carlisle just secured a residency for him at the hospital. He’ll be working under Carlisle in the cardiology department, so it would make for an awkward working relationship if he didn’t attend.”

“Oh.” Bree spoke slowly. “So he’s a doctor, too. Is he single?”

“Yes, he’s single.” I laughed knowing that she’d been itching to plan her own wedding. “But I’ve never met him before. When he came to interview and survey the hospital, I was visiting my mother in Jacksonville. But I heard the girls at the hospital talking about him after his visit. It seems he left a trail of wet panties in his wake.”

* * *

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