Sunday, October 31, 2010

Compilation Teaser: The Man Who Can't Be Moved

The Man Who Can't Be Moved Outtake

I put an arm around her and drew her to my side. “How so? I brought your pain medication if you need it.” I made sure Bella never left the house without it. There had been too many times in the past where she’d had a memory blank and forgotten it, then needed it hours later.

She shook her head. “I don’t know, Edward. I just feel… off.”

I gave her a questioning look, prompting her to continue.

“Yeah, I hurt. God, do I hurt. But my back is aching like crazy,” she griped. “Maybe I’m just walking funny.”

“And not in the good way,” I joked.

She laughed and rested her head on my shoulder. “You’re being watched, you know.”

I glanced around and saw a few people blatantly staring at us. “I wondered how long it would take for word to spread about us being here.”

“I hate it. I’m so tired of living in this glass bubble.”

“It’s nearly over, love. I’ve finished my obligations for that last film. We never have to go back to the way it was again.”



She shifted and groaned under her breath, “God, that fucking hurts.”

I turned to her and wrapped my arms around her waist, massaging her lower back. “Where?” I asked, moving my hands around to find the spot.

“There,” she breathed. “Oh, I’m so glad you can still reach around me.”

I chuckled. “I’m sure I’ll always be able to reach around you.”

“Ha. I’m huge. At the rate I’m ballooning up, you might not be able to much longer.”


“God, that’s depressing,” she continued.

“What? You ballooning up?”

She nodded. “Yeah.”

“That’s nonsense, and you know it,” I objected. “You’re hardly showing at all. In fact, you need to eat some more.”

“I eat enough for the both of us. No need to make me eat any more.”

We stayed like that while Ellie ran throughout the exhibit. We’d occasionally hear her screams of excitement and laugh, grateful that she was enjoying herself.

Carlisle eventually came over, running his hands through his graying blonde hair, and sat down with a sigh.

“Dear Lord, that girl has a lot of energy,” he said to me. “How the bloody hell do you keep up with her?”

I laughed. “It’s not that easy, trust me, Dad. She has me frequently finding a spot on the couch to rest.”

He laughed with me. “I can imagine.” He leaned forward and smiled at Bella. “Feeling all right?”

She shrugged, feigning nonchalance. “I’m fine.”

“Yet Edward’s massaging your back,” he said slowly. “Your back that was not injured… Is it a dull, constant pain or a sharp pain?”

“Dull. Edward’s massage feels good, but it’s not getting rid of it,” she answered.

“Uh-huh. Tell me, are you having any contractions with the back pain?”

“What?” I nearly shouted, quickly glancing around us and lowering my voice. “Dad, what are you trying to say?”

“She could be in labor.”

* * *

Jenny0719 has generously submitted the rest of this outtake to the Fandom for Preemies Compilation. You can read it and so many more like it, by donating a minimum of $5 to the March of Dimes during the month of November. For more details on how to donate please click here! You may learn more about Jenny0719 and her fanfiction by clicking here.

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