Monday, October 18, 2010

Compilation Teaser: Crave

This teaser is rated M.

Crave: Teaser

by: AydenMorgen

“Bella.” He stopped moving and cupped her face gently in his hands. He was dying to feel her mouth on his, tired of waiting. “I’m going to kiss you now, love,” he whispered softly in warning.

She touched the tip of her tongue to her bottom lip and met his gaze, her brown eyes widening with unmistakable desire. His mouth descended toward hers slowly, giving her time to pull away should she choose.

She didn’t.

Her throat worked once and then her eyes fell closed, her head tilting toward him.

He growled as her acceptance wound its way through him, igniting fires all throughout his body, and brushed his lips softly across hers.

Just as with her scent, her taste hit him hard. It was fine wine, sweet candy and softer than he would have believed possible. His tongue dipped into her mouth as she opened beneath him, her fingers scratching at his scalp again and her body flush against his.

Little fires burned hotter everywhere they touched.

The rest of the room fell away. It was just him and her and the beast dying to bury himself inside of her until that familiar burn bled away into satiation again. He knew that if she let him take her, she’d be perfection beneath him. Perfection around him.

She always was. Every time she came to him like this, it was sublime.

He groaned as her tongue slipped into his mouth, a breathy whimper humming from the back of her throat.

The beast went crazy in his cage at the sound as much as at the feel of her tongue in his mouth. He wanted out. Was desperate to be freed from his tight bonds again.

“Upstairs,” Edward breathed against her mouth, half question, half demand, no longer willing to hold it off as she pressed herself closer to him. He needed tangled sheets, soft moans and the slide of her skin against his.

Her head bobbed once, a soft, “Yes,” falling from her lips.

* * *

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