Friday, August 27, 2010

How To Help

Hello loves,

Congratulations! In 4 days, you've helped sign on over 50 authors to participate in Fandom for Preemies. That's pretty amazing and we are beyond thrilled that so many of you are as excited about supporting the March of Dimes as we are! If you'd like to contribute a oneshot, outtake, sideshot, futuretake, original work of fiction or something else to the compilation, please fill out the form on the Author Sign-Up page so we can get you listed as a contributor and email you with all of the information you will need!

We've heard from so many of you that have had a premature infant. Thank you for sharing your stories with us and helping us spread the word.

Many of you have mentioned that you don't write, but still want to help. There is plenty you can do as well. If you make banners, we'd love to have your help making banners for the authors that have signed up to participate! If you run a blog, we would be incredibly thankful if you could post a note about Fandom for Preemies. We'd also like to encourage those of you who blog to sign up to participate in Fight for Preemies Day on November 17th. You can learn more about FFP day at:

And, of course, you can help spread the word. Posting a note to your fic updates or on Twitter about Fandom for Preemies would be greatly appreciated.

Those of you with premature children are more than welcome to post your stories to the website. You can send those to us at The lovely PK is in the process of making a video as well. If you'd like to include pictures of your preemie, your NICU stay, or anything related, please email those to us as well.

If you'd like to help in some other way, let us know!

Thank you, to everyone, for getting involved.


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