Monday, August 30, 2010

One Week Wow

Hello loves!

I just wanted to update all of you really quickly and say congratulations! The Fandom for Preemies fundraiser was announced one short week ago and you have already worked your magic. 66 authors have signed up to contribute oneshots, outtakes, and original works of fiction to the compilation. We've even heard from individuals not part of the fandom! That's an impressive community effort!

We hope you'll help us keep the momentum going in the coming weeks and pass along word to your favorite fanfiction authors about Fandom for Preemies. No author is too big or too small. We will happily accept contributions from anyone within the fandom who wishes to participate, whether you're a first time author or have written a thousand different stories.

Please remember to fill out the Author Sign-Up form if you are contributing and have not already done so. This is our only way of keeping track of who is contributing so we can ensure you all receive any pertinent information, and so we can thank you properly! :)

As ever, if you have any questions, please email us, comment here, or let us know on Twitter!


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  1. i would love to contibute to this cause. where do i sign up. im also passing this along to every author i know. my beta smmiskimen just gave birth 2 weeks ago to a preemie at 33wks. he was 4lbs 7oz. not to mention my cousin(who is now 21) was born early as well, weighing 2lbs 7oz. so this is something close to my heart. please let me know where i need to sign up. you can email me at
    crystal aka preciousfairymom80