Friday, October 22, 2010

Compilation Teaser: Fate and Forgotten Secrets Outtake

Fate & Forgotten Secrets Outtake Teaser

By snshyne

Alice seems almost unfazed by the situation and I drop it. For now.

“Honestly, I need to talk to Em-” my voice catches in my throat as my eyes catch sight of beauty.

A shiny, candy apple red, 1959 Chery Corvette is sitting at the end of my driveway. I move toward her silently, unable to take my eyes away at her shiny coat, white wash wheels and silver hardware.

“Is this, this....”

“Yeah, Rosie. It’s yours,” Emmett answers, knowing what I mean to ask, but can’t, as I reach the driver’s side where he’s sitting. I notice the obnoxious horn honking has ceased.


* * *

snshyne has generously submitted the rest of this amazing outtake to the Fandom for Preemies Compilation. You can read it and so many more, by donating a minimum of $5 to the March of Dimes during the month of November. For more details on how to donate please click here! You may learn more about snshyne and her fanfiction by clicking here.

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