Sunday, October 31, 2010

Compilation Teaser: Broken Yet Still Breathing

Broken Yet Still Breathing
by: Katbug86

They say your life flashes before your eyes right before you die, but of one thing I am certain—mine did not. There was no movie reel of memories or quick changing mental images. I didn’t even think in that moment.

Instead, I felt.

I felt peace and finality, and a sweet release from my ever consuming guilt. So, no, I didn’t see my life flash before my eyes before I died, and for that - I was grateful.

* * *

Katbug86 has generously submitted the the prologue and first chapter of this new story to the Fandom for Preemies Compilation. You can read it and so many more like it, by donating a minimum of $5 to the March of Dimes during the month of November. For more details on how to donate please click here! You may learn more about Katbug86 and her fanfiction by clicking here.

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