Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Round Three of the Fandom for Preemies Fundraiser is Coming!

Hello Team,

It's almost that time again! Your Fandom for Preemies Team Captains are in the initial planning phases for the November 2012 cycle of the Fandom for Preemies fundraiser! And this November, we hope to make our biggest impact for preemies yet!

If you've participated in previous cycles of the fundraiser, you probably already know how much good you've helped Fandom for Preemies do. You may even know a preemie or have one of your own. These amazing children and their inspiring and heartbreaking stories unite us in our mission whether we write fanfiction, are published authors, grapic artists, the family or friends of preemies, former preemies ourselves, or readers. And united, we have helped make a big difference for the smallest, most vulnerable babies around the world.

To date, you've help raise over $8,000 for the March of Dimes through 2 cycles of the Fandom for Preemies fundraiser. That's $8,000.00 to help fight for babies born too early. Babies who ofen require months of intensive medical intervention and hospital care. Babies who face serious lifelong complications and health problems. Babies born in every nation, every day, to parents from all walks of life.

Over 500,000 of those babies are born too early each year in the United States alone. And globally, one million of them die every year as a result of complications of premature birth.

Every child is precious, and every preemie deserves a fighting chance. It's our goal to help ensure they receive that chance, as well as to help foster awareness of all facets of prematurity within our local, national, and international communities. No baby should have to fight for his or her life before having a chance to live it!

If you would like to assist us with meeting our goals this November, and are interested in taking on a planning or Team Captain role, please email Ayden or contact her on Twitter @AKMorgen.  We want to hear from everyone who would like to assist, who have suggestions, ideas, or comments for making this Fandom for Preemies cycle the most collaborative and successful yet!

Stay tuned for the official kick off of Fandom for Preemies in late September! And don't forget to follow @Fandom4Preemies for updates, news, and more.

Still fighting,
Ayden and The FfP Team

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