Sunday, March 18, 2012

Let's Fight

Have you checked out the list of contributing authors yet? Is your name there? If not, there's still time. Authors and artists have until April 15th to sign up to join the fight for infants! You can review the submission guidelines and sign up here.

Twenty-four authors have signed up to date, and we'd love to see that number double! In 2010, over 100 authors signed on, contributing over 100 stories to the compilation. Help us do it again with a poem, a drabble, an outtake, or that secret chapter that's gathering dust in the corner. With no required word limits, and very few rules on what we won't accept (rape, incest, bestiality, etc), the possibilities for contribution are endless!

We realize there are a lot of fundraisers going on in the various fandoms right now, and that it's hard to write for so many incredibly worthy causes all at once. If you can't write for Fandom for Preemies, don't feel bad! It happens. We've all been there. But we hope you will at least consider making a $5 donation to the March of Dimes via the Virtual Band or via Team Losh's March for Babies team. Every little bit helps, and the March of Dimes could certainly use our help, especially right now. If you can't afford to make the donation, please consider participating in your local March for Babies.

We've talked a lot about prematurity here, but the March of Dimes (and the March for Babies) is about a whole lot more than that. The March of Dimes is about baby health period. Whether it's low birth weight, smoking cessation, prematurity, birth defects, prenatal care, or access to adequate healthcare and resources, the March of Dimes is probably leading the fight in your state or nation.

Still not convinced to join the fight? Check out the March of Dimes website to learn more about the many ways they're fighting for infants, and the many ways you can help. And then sign on to fight, whether it's via a donation through Fandom for Preemies, joining a March for Babies team, volunteering for your local chapter, spreading the word, or something entirely different!

Your FFP Team


  1. I do the local walk in memory of my niece and nephew... and I also donate to my sister in laws team... besides doing those two things I am signing up to add an OS to this cause... But I wanted to know if donating to my local team will be enough for the donation or do I need to still donate to your team?

    1. As mentioned on the donation page, you are more than welcome to donate to any team you wish. You do not have to donate to Team Losh or even to the Virtual Band. Just email us your receipt once your donation is made and it will be counted!